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1° Press Release

Welcome at the first presentation of the work camp in Media Education for Peace, coordinated by the Onlus SCI-Italy (International Civil Service), Ngo CRIC (Centro Regionale d’Intervento per la Cooperazione), The Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth, the Palestinian Youth Organization and Al Ahed Youth Union Association.The work camp, which will take place in Lebanon from the 22nd of December 2007 to the 5th of January 2008, will deal with the thematic of “the use of Media and the effect of the war towards the Environment” and will be supported by TheBlogTV – media partner of the project – the first European open source platform, realized for people with the need to create contents for multi-channels projects. The camp is part of the general project of the Reinforcement of the Social Cohesion towards the rebuilding of the post-conflict Country, co-financed by the emergency programme of the Italian cooperation in Lebanon ROSS.  During the camp, the 19 Italian volunteers, together with the local social workers, will be working in the creation of three different laboratories: a photo laboratory, an audio-video one, and an interviews/journalistic one. The place of action will be the five centres of aggregation settled in the villages of: Ayta Ashaab, Dibil, Bint Jubayl, Srifa and the Palestinian refugee-camp Burj Shamali.The activities schedules the creation of one blog for each aggregation centre – the addresses will be specified as soon as they will be on-line – each of those will reflect the various religion confessions and ethnics existing in Lebanon: Sunnites, Druses, Shiites, Christians, e Palestinians refugees. The blogs will be managed by the guys of the projects, who will take care of the daily updating of the contents created by themselves. All the material created by the boys and girls taking part at the laboratories, will converge in a Lebanese on-line Net-TV which will offer a transversal point of view of the situation inside the territory, setting up a dialogue based on the perception of the diversities existing between the groups of guys. This exchange between the Italian volunteers, the social workers, and the Palestinian and Lebanese guys, wants to appear as a moment of comparison between the ways used for the act of narration and the process which lead to the description of facts starting from the reality. The goal of this comparison is to understand how those processes can modify the surrounding environment.The aim of this camp is to bring a substantial contribution to the communities involved, and to create video, audio and photo material which will be utilized in Italy in order to promote happenings and conferences to show the Lebanese situation. All the documents created by the guys of the centres will be constantly uploaded on the blog Volontari Sci in Libano ( where it will be possible to have a look at them. It will possible to follow the progression of the works also through other channels as: on-line programmes (e.g. Politica 2.0 by n3tv and others who will communicated later on), live broadcasting from radio-channels, and audio files downloading by podcast.  

Information and contacts with the participants of the project:

Martina Taci (Campo-Sci Libano Press Release)


Saverio Cannito (TheBlogTV Editorial Director)


Elena Dojmi (Servizio Civile Internazionale)


Giacomo Culturani (Camp co-coordinator)





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